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Industrial Detergent


At work and at home, get professional cleaning results. Detergex Industrial Detergent provides the best value for industrial users with its high-performance formulation charged with the strength to eliminate moulds, grease, organic soils, fungi, viruses, and bacteria that commonly build-up in industrial and institutional environments. Regular use of Detergex decreases the frequency of dirt build-ups, eliminates lingering foul odor, and prevents pest swarming. This high-powered cleaning solution is suitable for multi-purpose cleaning needs, eliminating the need for several products, thus saving time and cutting costs.

Tough Professional Cleaning
Its unique formula is tough enough for the toughest mess in the industrial and commercial work places. Its 4D Cleaning Power (Degrease, Dissolve, Disinfect, Deodorize) provides immediate cleaning action that efficiently takes on grease, sludge, dirt, soil, and oily build-ups found on any hard surface.

Deep Active Cleaning
Detergex contains a specially-formulated dissolving agent that quickly penetrates soil, grease, and just about any substance on hard surfaces like Vinyl tiles, Quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, marble, concrete, aluminum, metal, and other hard surfaces.

Safe for All
It may be tough on dirt but not on the environment. This high-powered industrial detergent is designed to support a healthy, clean, and green environment by not incorporating harmful chemicals in its formulation.

A single pack of Detergex generates 200 Liters of cleaning power, making it a satisfyingly reliable cost-saving concentrate.


Box of 10 packs (2kg)

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