About Us
Spica’s core competence is focused on producing private labels as well as branded products in the household and personal care market segment. In the private label category, it has developed and continues to provide the powder detergent, fabric softener, and dishwashing house brands of key accounts such as S&R, Shopwise, and AFPCES.

Spica also produces its own branded products for pet care, industrial detergents, and, just recently, its own powder detergent and dishwashing products in the market.

We currently have three operational sites—our warehouse in Banay-banay, Laguna; another through our independent toll manufacturer in Cabuyao, Laguna; and the third in Davao through an appointed exclusive distributor.

Spica’s network creates opportunities to business partnerships that will link to different market segments and distribution channels.
We give our customers the competitive advantage by offering solutions to various challenges to help us develop or improve products, services, and processes, which ultimately leads us to delivering excellence at every level, every time.
We believe that ideal cleaning products should be environment-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic for humans and animals, and free of fumes. Thus, in every product we develop, we make sure that it’s a product you can trust.
It is important for your products and your company to get noticed to an advantage. We know product design and we work with each of our clients to understand how significant it is to your overall brand objective, and what must be conveyed in order to achieve it.
We aim to change the way private labels are seen by developing cost-friendly products that’s better than or quality-equivalent to any existing brands in the market.