About Us
Providing safe and quality choices of household and personal care products that are cost-friendly.
Named after one of the brightest stars visible from anywhere on the planet, Spica’s (pronounced SPY-KA) pursuit is to offer every household some vibrant options of household and personal care products that provide both quality care and cost-friendly choices.

We operate with the leading industrial technology leaders to ensure the development of safe & quality products for our customers.

Our company has many years of experience in the field of trade distribution.

We have a management team that has years of experience and track record in the fast-moving consumer goods industry and a highly professional sales and marketing group; we are also well equipped with proven warehousing and distribution capabilities, enabling us to professionally provide quality service to the demanding needs of major supermarkets and independent retail operators.

Our Research and Development continues to strive to develop products that can answer to the constantly evolving and growing needs of the market. We work closely with our trade partners to ensure that our brands are available and within reach of our valued customers.

In partnering with our suppliers and clients, we leave an assurance that we fully comply with all labeling and formulation specifications, and strictly follow with standard FDA regulations.

Our experience, innovation, and commitment to produce quality service and products are our key to meet and exceed your expectations. We are here to help you develop your products and successfully build your brand by working thoroughly with you.